Training Workshops

Provide relevant, up-to-date, and expert professional education tailored to the needs of the following:
     - Medical Personnel, including Physicians
     - Chemical Dependency Professionals
     - Mental Health Professionals
     - Court/Legal System Personnel

Presentations can be provided in small groups at specific agencies by advanced arrangement or larger community settings.

Dr. Hume is an industry recognized expert for CDP education and training per WAC 246-811-250.

Examples of previous workshops include:
     - Principles of Ethical Decision Making
     - Overview of Co-Occurring Disorders
     - Understanding and Assessing Substance Use Disorders in Medical        Settings
     - Integrating Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment into a Community Mental        Health Center
     - Understanding Client Change, Resistance, and Motivation
     - Assessing and Treating Geriatric Substance Use Disorders
     - Cognitive Behavioral Interventions for Primary Care Providers

Specialized and focused workshops are available upon request and can be negotiated as needed.

W. Allen Hume Ph.D.    206.824.6262    Email Dr. Hume
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